Instill the Mindset and Emotional Control of an Elite Trader!

Train your mind to regulate your emotions while engaging risk in the market. Become a better, more profitable trader.


What is Mental Edge for Traders?

Mental Edge is an app that uses the tools of hypnosis, visualization, and anchoring to help you install the mindset of a top-performing trader.

  • Listen to hypnosis audio sessions
  • Write daily journal with focus on mental performance
  • Train your brain to regulate emotions
  • Monitor your journey towards your trading goals
  • Collect achievement awards and unlock new sessions

Metal Edge is the right choice for day-traders, swing-traders, position-traders, stock traders, Forex traders, crypto traders, futures traders, option traders. Both beginners and professional traders can benefit.

Listen to Hypnosis Sessions
Focused on Trading Psychology

Winning Mindset

Install the beliefs and habits of an elite trader and develop an optimal mindset for trading.

Mental Reset

Recharge your mental battery before your trading session, and put yourself in an optimal state for trading.

Coping with Big Loss

Take a step back, reflect on your actions, regroup, and overcome the emotional pain from a large loss.

Fomo No More!

Train your brain to be patient, self-aware, and resistant to the fear of missing out.

Deep Belief

Let powerful beliefs form and sink in deep into your consciousness while you are falling asleep

Emotional Discipline

Train your brain to regulate emotions when you have skin in the game, and risk is on the table.

Mindfulness Leads to Profits

Mental Edge trains your brain to stay calm, cool, and collected during a stressful trading session and help you avoid runaway emotions that lead to mistakes and large losses.

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